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Savoring Wellness: The Value of Healthy Eating for Seniors

Nutrition plays a crucial role in aging well. Diet influences not only our physical health but also our mental acuity and overall quality of life. As we age, our bodies undergo various changes that can affect how we process food. This impacts our nutritional needs. Understanding and adapting to these changes is key to maintaining …

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The University Retirement Community at Purchase College

Retiring Near Campus – The URC Experience Opened in the Winter Of 2023, and located on the campus of Purchase College, Broadway Senior Living offers retirees unique opportunities to enjoy an active, engaging, and nurturing life in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Benefits of University Senior Living Broadway Senior Living joins the relatively small number …

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The Arts and Senior Living—Enriching Life Through Creativity

The arts, encompassing both the visual and performing sectors, have long been recognized for their profound impact on society. This influence extends into the realm of senior living communities. Here, arts and culture play a pivotal role in enriching the lives of residents. University retirement living communities stand as a testament to this philosophy. They …

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Building Cognitive Reserve for a Healthier Life

Imagine your brain as a dynamic, adaptable reservoir of mental strength. This reservoir, known as cognitive reserve, is a remarkable concept illustrating our brain’s ability to improvise and find alternative ways of functioning, especially when challenged by the passage of years or by disease. The origins of the concept of cognitive reserve can be traced …

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The Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Walking Your Way to Better Health Walking is often dubbed the ‘world’s most accessible exercise,’ and for good reason. It’s a free, simple, and enjoyable activity that has countless benefits, especially for active seniors. As the golden years shine bright, it’s more important than ever to keep up with a routine that ensures good health, …

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