Artwork Finds a New Home at Broadview at Purchase College

On a warm August day last year, Broadview at Purchase Executive Director Ashley Wade met with consultants from Merlino Design Partnership to talk about what to do with artwork donated by prospective Broadview residents.

Having to downsize from a home of 20, 30 or sometimes 40 years is no easy task. Parting with the treasures amassed over a lifetime can be an emotional event. To help residents manage that transition, Broadview hit upon an idea. Why not display artwork that formerly hung at residents’ homes at their new home at Broadview? Residents were eager to participate.

So Merlino’s Christine Kepko, Wade and a committee of Broadview residents conferred on how best to display these works of art. Blueprints were reviewed and a tour of the construction site helped them decide where the art would be hung. But before that could happen, the artworks were cleaned and reframed and delivered. In addition to artwork donated by residents, Purchase College Learning Community Board and Past President of Purchase College Thomas Schwarz donated his sizable collection of student work that he purchased while president.

What was only a concept on that warm August day has finally come to fruition this month and can be seen lining the hallways of the 2nd floor of the Broadview Clubhouse.

On a chilly February day Broadview Marketing Director Amy Post commented on how far this artwork had come from the days when it sat in a storeroom in her offices.



“It’s really remarkable,’’ she said. “We are so proud of the transformation, and are grateful for the generosity of our residents and others who donated these works. We know that all of our residents are now enjoying the results of months of work.’’

With more than 90 percent of the residences reserved, Broadview at Purchase residents began moving in in December and are enjoying this community through events in the Learning Commons and on campus.

Located on a 40-acre site on campus with walking and exercise trails, Broadview offers
a wealth of amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, movie theatre, spa and salon, dining venues, and on-site health center, among other features.

And as part of the Purchase College community, Broadview residents enjoy the many amenities of the college including the renowned Neuberger Museum of Art, the Performing Arts Center, the academic and athletic facilities, and the park-like campus as well as formal and informal programming and collaborative opportunities designed to promote intergenerational engagement with students.

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