Lifelong Learning Center for Seniors, Students and Faculty

Lifelong Learning

Accelerating opportunities for intellectual and social growth, The Learning Commons serves as a multipurpose gathering area for students and residents within Broadview. This unique collaborative space is a  bright, lively hub of life on the Purchase College campus in the heart of Westchester County. You’ll have the opportunity to mix with students and faculty — and mentor each other — in this creative, vibrant setting.

We offer academic, cultural and social activities that span the generations and are occasions for lifelong learning for seniors. You can attend lectures, concerts and exhibitions at the Neuberger Museum of Art and The Performing Arts Center at no or reduced cost. You can audit classes and engage in life-changing relationships. And you’ll have a say in defining the programming The Learning Commons offers.

Here at the Learning Commons, you’ll find:

  • Pub and coffee shop for dining and libations
  • Makerspace
  • Classrooms and lecture rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor live performance venues
  • Indoor and outdoor exhibition and gallery spaces
  • Dance and movement studio
  • Virtual reality and audio-visual learning lab and lens room
  • Card and gaming room
  • Curated public art throughout the Learning Commons and grounds

Ask, then listen.

Use your imagination.
Boldly trust.

Grow, learn and be inspired.

As part of the Purchase College community, you’ll have access to a robust program of lifelong learning for seniors, including college programs, performances and activities. The college is home to the Neuberger Museum of Art, world renowned for its modern, contemporary and African art collections. Annual programs featuring world-class artists in music, dance and theater are presented at The Performing Arts Center. Volunteer at The Children’s Center, attend collegiate sporting events, explore co-curricular programs — there’s much to build your life around.

Discover The Learning Commons on the interactive Broadview map.