Broadview Residents Welcome Purchase Students Back to Campus with Freecycle Event

Nurturing their growing connection with students, Broadview at Purchase residents welcomed Purchase College students back on August 30 with a “FreeCycling” event. Hundreds of household items, books, and other treasures donated by residents were piled high on tables. Students lined up around the campus quad almost an hour before the event waiting to sort through the mountain of items donated by the residents.

Kate Abate, Broadview at Purchase’s Resident Services and Intergenerational Program Director, said it was a perfect match, noting that residents will be moving into their new homes within a matter of weeks and are in the process of downsizing.

Abate, who was on hand to distribute the treasures, was rolling out a cart with items when students stopped her and began digging through the bin even before she reached the tables. One student fished out a tri-pod looking pleased with her find.

Broadview at Purchase College is thrilled to engage a new program called “Re-purpose at Purchase: a Broadview of FreeCycling” as a creative solution to pair resources and pass on good vibes from favorite things of decades passed. All departments from the performing arts center to the residence halls are working hand in hand with Broadview to re-home classic treasures for use at the college,” said Abate.

Purchase Student Isabelle Levy, who was assigned to photograph the event, said students were very excited about the prospect of getting free stuff for their dorm rooms. In addition to being a sophomore at the school, Isabelle’s grandmother will be moving into Broadview in the coming months.

The freecycle event is just the start of many connections Broadview residents hope to make with students as part of this new foray into intergenerational learning. Many of the retirees moving to Broadview are still active in their professions and want to give back to students by mentoring them.

Located on a 40-acre site on campus with walking and exercise trails, Broadview will offer its residents a wealth of amenities including a full wellness suite with indoor swimming pool, fitness strength center, movement dance studio, a fully outfitted learning lab equipped with multi-functional smart technology classrooms, woodworking shop, fine and creative art studios, library, movie theatre, dog park, convenience store, and Zen meditation deck.

But for future residents like Judith Zweig, the biggest reason for moving to Broadview is the opportunity to continue their learning journey.

As part of the Purchase College community, Broadview residents will enjoy the many amenities of the college including the renowned Neuberger Museum of Art, the Performing Arts Center, the academic and athletic facilities, and the park-like campus as well as formal and informal programming and collaborative opportunities designed to promote intergenerational engagement with students.

“I’ve always been interested in education. I have 3 kids, got my masters and Ph.D in chemistry. When it came to retiring, continuing my education was very important. My husband and I always took classes so the fact that Broadview was on the campus of Purchase college, was phenomenal,’ said Zweig.