Hair is a new adventure at Broadview at Purchase Salon

Josephine Chiarelli is not ready to try purple streaks in her hair, but she’s warming to some new looks with the help of her stylist Indira Ramlall.

“She’s really terrific,’’ said Josephine who was getting her hair done this week at the salon at Broadview at Purchase College retirement community. “The staff is amazing.’’

Indira is one of two stylists who work for Matura Salon and Spa Management, a company that provides beauty services at 30 senior living communities in the metropolitan area.

Josephine, who will turn 94 in July, said she loves the personalized service and convenience of having a salon right in her building at Broadview. Josephine moved into her new apartment in the west building at Broadview in February.  Her in-laws, Bob and Marie Staad, also moved into their own apartment at the same time. They are all from Garden City, Long Island, but moved to Broadview to be closer to their daughter who lives in Larchmont.

Not only do they ALL live at Broadview, but all three were at the salon at the same time to get their hair done. Bob, who is balding on top, joked that his haircut doesn’t take very long. Marie is more particular.

“I was with my last stylist for 40 years. It’s hard when it’s someone new, but she really understands my hair, and that’s important,’’ said Marie.

Understanding IS important said Kimberly Stachokus, a manager at Matura Salon and Spa Management.

Running a salon in a senior living community is a specialized profession and requires hiring people who are patient and have a good sense of humor. This is especially true when working with memory care populations, she said. Broadview has a separate salon for seniors in assisted living and memory care, also served by Matura.

“I’ve been working with older adults all my life,’’ said Kimberly. “I was a nurse’s aide for years. And I was 13 or 14 when I started working in a nursing home.”

Kimberly said that times have changed a lot since then. From what she’s seen older adults are more adventurous.

“It is different now. No more rollers and perms. This generation has definitely changed. They do not act like older people.  I have people who want blue hair, purple hair. They love it and are willing to try something bold.’’

Josephine said she’s content with her neatly coifed silver hair, admiring herself in the mirror as Indira put on the finishing touches with a quick spray.

“I love it,’’ said Josephine.