Health Benefits of Senior Living Communities

There are many different benefits of living in a retirement or senior living community, and one of the biggest is the health and wellness advantages they provide. From on-campus amenities like fitness centers and social groups to care and support opportunities, senior living communities are designed to support all aspects of your well-being. 

Exercise & Physical Wellness

Living in a senior community gives you easy access to many different ways to stay active and keep your body moving. At Broadview at Purchase College you’ll find our:

  • State-of-the-art wellness center
  • Group fitness classes
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Strength training equipment center

Keeping Your Mind Active

It’s not only your body and muscles that need exercise. It’s also important to keep your brain and mind engaged. That’s why at Broadview we prioritize intellectual stimulation and growth. Our unique partnership with Purchase College gives residents access to classes, lectures, and inter-generational collaboration or mentoring opportunities, promoting lifelong learning and sustained mental acuity. 

Delicious, Healthy Meals You Don’t Have to Cook

Enjoy a wide menu of healthy meals without having to light your stove. Senior living communities give you access to nutritional meals with everything you need to stay fueled for the day. At Broadview you will also find professional nutrition counseling with our resident dietician to help you eat well for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. 

Social Opportunities

Social interaction and friendships are key to healthy living. Senior living communities give you the opportunity to live alongside neighbors who share your zest for life. Enjoy hobbies and sports with like-minded friends and come together for meals and celebrations.

Continuing Care

Senior living communities give you peace of mind that, as you age, you’ll continue to receive the support you need to maintain your health and wellness. Additional care services, like our High Point Center for Care, help you stay healthy with medical services as well as assisted living and memory care options. Receive a helping hand with everyday activities, like eating, walking, and bathing, as well as medication management and more with support available 24/7. 

Discover Holistic Wellness at Broadview

Broadview at Purchase college unites a wide range of amenities and services to support all aspects of a healthy life. Enjoy the present while planning for the future with the retirement lifestyle and social life that you want. Contact us to learn if our vibrant and welcoming senior living community is right for you.