Lifelong Learning and Vibrant Senior Living in Purchase, NY

A new era in senior living is dawning as the bold vision of Broadview at Purchase College begins to take shape. This distinctive retirement community in Westchester, NY, is poised to redefine the way seniors spend their golden years.  Broadview has a focus on lifelong learning, multigenerational connections, and top-notch amenities. This provides unique opportunities for residents who have a love for learning and a zest for life.

A First-of-its-Kind University 

Broadview at Purchase College is a pioneering institution. It is one of the first few University Retirement Communities (URC) in New York and nation to be situated on a college campus.  The purpose-built 8,000 sq. ft. Learning Commons is a testament to the community's commitment to intergenerational programming, learning, and mentoring spaces. This partnership between senior living and a prestigious educational institution provides unique opportunities for residents. 

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Strathglass front elevations
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805 Strathglass Front Elevations
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Unleashing the Power of Lifelong Learning

At the heart of Broadview lies the essence of its innovative approach: lifelong learning. Residents are integral to a vibrant community that thrives on intellectual curiosity and mutual growth. Embracing the college’s tagline, “Think Wide Open,” Broadview invites residents to cross generational borders, shatter stereotypes, and forge lasting friendships.

Within the expansive premises of Broadview, the Learning Commons stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to learning and collaboration. This purposefully designed hub serves as a convergence point for individuals of all ages, fostering interaction and exchange. Classrooms, galleries, studios, and a bustling coffeehouse foster an environment in which residents, students, and faculty can mingle, dine, learn, and form lifelong bonds. 

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Limitless Opportunities

Broadview at Purchase College represents a new frontier in senior living in Westchester, NY.

It has a commitment to lifelong learning, multigenerational connections, and top-notch amenities. These translate to remarkable opportunities for seniors seeking a vibrant and intellectually stimulating community. 

Broadview embraces the power of education and the vitality of multigenerational exchange. It is shaping a future where senior living transcends conventional boundaries, fosters personal growth, and makes a lasting impact. 

Join the growing community of Broadview residents and embark on an extraordinary adventure at Broadview, a retirement community in Rye, NY. This remarkable community awaits, ready to inspire, teach, and create connections that span generations.

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Breaking Barriersand Building Friendships

Broadview’s location on a vibrant college campus presents a multitude of opportunities for intergenerational connections. The Learning Commons lets residents engage with students and faculty, fostering meaningful relationships that transcend age barriers. Through courses, lectures, and shared experiences, Broadview cultivates an atmosphere where wisdom and youthful energy coexist, creating a truly remarkable community.

Independent Living with Care as Needed

Broadview upholds the essence of classic Westchester County living, where independence is cherished and quality of life is paramount. While offering elegant residences and a wealth of amenities, the community ensures that professional care is readily available as needed. Excellent dining, wellness programming, and a full range of health services are all designed to support independent living.

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