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Aging Enthusiastically

Retirement isn’t the end of our productive lives, it’s just the start of a new chapter. At least that’s how Steve Shelov and others who’ve entered the realm of formal retirement see the next phase of their lives. The 78-year-old former dean of NYU Long Island School of Medicine retired from his position at the …

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Health Benefits of Taking a Walk – Broadview

What are the Health Benefits of Taking a Walk Everyone knows the importance exercise plays in your overall health, no matter your age. Even if you’re an older adult who can’t exercise intensely or for as long as when you were younger, regular exercise is just as necessary for your health and well-being. The good news …

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Volunteer Opportunities for Retirees: How You Can Make an Impact!

It should come as no surprise that volunteering your time to help people and organizations, especially in retirement, isn’t just beneficial for the surrounding community — it’s also good for your overall physical and mental health.  According to recent studies, seniors who volunteer tend to experience less disability and often live longer than those who choose …

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